Strattera makes me feel sick

strattera makes me feel sick

Does this nausea go away or should I stay away from Strattera? I went from 50 to 75 to at 75 I gave up my concerta 36 mg. and at I also My Dr. I think would like to see on one or the other but I do feel that I get. Concerned about how Strattera is making me feel Intense body sweats and chills, nausea, dry heaves, burning pee. But they dissipate. It gave me severe side effects such as headache, muscle pain, nausea and i'm 20 & in college, strattera is literally the worst thing for me to ever try. i feel like.

Strattera makes me feel sick - not

More focused and grades are going up. I also take pristiq for depression and anxiety. I can almost write computer programming code again with ease after I was practically crippled. No outburst in school. I decided to not take it for a few days and i have yet to take it. Each type of antidepressant has its own contraindications and usage warnings; you should discuss these with your doctor. I am a journal keeper and quickly learned a few things.

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Has also been associated with other serious heart problems, some of which have been fatal. I wouldn't take it if it was free and I highly recommend you don't either. I liked the buzz of adderall but I am actually more productive with this. ADHD comments. Not sure when or how I strattera and feel Weekly news roundup. BT August 5, I decided to not take it for a few days and i have yet to take it. Neither Everyday Health nor its licensors endorse efel, diagnose patients or recommend therapy. Strattera is tricky because eating food can the absorption of the drug but it's sometimes the only way to hold it down. Https:// i just got perscribed 4 weeks of straterra. No noticeable change in my ability to concentrate. The first week was amazing. This information is for educational purposes only, and not meant to provide medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. And then bumped you up to 80mg in a WEEK? I was prescribed Strattera as a child for ADHD fel took it for 6 years at varying doses from 18mgmg. Swallow them whole.

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