Viva Up v.4


Food supplement
Viva Up is a food supplement formulated
with minerals, amino acids, and natural
plant extracts that help improve male
performance. Among the various advantages
• Selenium and Zinc are essential
minerals found in small amounts in the
body. Selenium contributes to normal
spermatogenesis and Zinc contributes
to normal fertility, reproduction and
maintenance of normal testosterone levels
in the blood.
• Whitania somnifera is an herb widely
used in ayurvedic medicine for its stress-
combating properties.
• Ginkgo biloba, leaves of the Ginkgo
biloba tree has been used for thousands
of years in traditional Chinese medicine
for its blood flow in the body and mental
• Maca is a native plant from Peruvian
Andes. Traditionally used to boost libido
and general well-being.
• L-Carnitine is a substance present in
the body. It helps to turn fat into energy,
improving performance.
• L-Arginine is an essential aminoacid that
can stimulate and boost virility and sexual
• Product sweetened with sucralose.


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