KNS Clostaan D3


clostaan Vitamin D3 Drops is an ideal food
supplement to provide children as well as adolescents
with some of the most important nutrients needed
on a daily basis. Due to our unhealthy nutritional
behaviours and the lack of nutrients in our today’s
food, it is highly recommended to supply our bodies
with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Children and adults need vitamin D in order to
maintain a healthy body. Vitamin D3 is made by the
human body when the skin is exposed to UVB rays
from the sun. It mainly assists in the absorption of
calcium and phosphorus from our food into the bloodstream, which aids significantly in building and
maintaining strong teeth and bones
Clostaan Vitamin D3 Drops are used to prevent
vitamin deficiencies in babies and children up to 12
years old.
Therefore, the recommended daily intake indicated
may not be exceeded. Food supplements are not a
substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy .


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