Careover Plus is a food supplement that contains a range of vitamins,
minerals and trace elements that suit the needs of a pregnant and
breast-feeding woman. During pregnancy (and also the months after
giving birth), women often experience a lack of energy and tiredness,
particularly, because a pregnant woman must provide for all needed
nutrients, not only for her own body but also for that of her child.
Careover Plus provides you and your baby with folic acid and other
important nutrients during pregnancy and breast-feeding like the
B-vitamins, vitamin C, D3 and E and a range of minerals and trace
elements (explained more in detail below).
Folic acid, which is one of the B vitamins, is essential for the optimal
development of the neural tube during pregnancy, and furthermore,
contributes to tissue growth, including the formation of the placenta.
Next to folic acid, Careover Plus contains the essential omega-3 fatty
acids: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA),
provided in the form of capsules, containing fish oil, rich in these
omega-3 fatty acids.
Careover Plus also contains a special nutrient complex of vitamins
and minerals to support optimal functioning of your body:


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