About KNS

KNS Holding B.V is a Pharmaceutical company established in 2016 at the science city Leiden in The Netherlands. We are specialized in the field of manufacturing and distribution of a broad range of pharmaceutical products and OTC medications.

KNS Holding B.V is registered with the Dutch Authorities as a producer of pharmaceutical products as well as a wide range of food supplements.

Our goals are ambitious and strong. We want to be a global supplier of modern prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC products of excellent quality for reasonable prices. It is our philosophy that people in need of pharmaceuticals should have access to them all over the world.

Through our wide network and well-established partners, we have created a fast-growing business which delivers fantastic services to all our customers. Our partnership extends beyond manufacturing service, we collaborate in all aspects and share each other’s knowledge and experience in order to gain better understanding of the market. This enables us to target our clients’ needs with the highest precision possible and deliver excellent, reliable and reproducible products whenever required.

Our mission in KNS exceeds beyond delivering medicines, we have adopted the policy of providing best assistance to our customers and maintaining their satisfaction through outstanding services and continuous support.

In the background, our teams work hard to follow the latest developments and innovations in the pharmaceutical world in order to keep our business valid and up to date for tomorrow’s market needs. This has given us access to a wide range of generic pharmaceuticals and enabled us to offer a broad spectrum of products to our clients.

Our product lines are:

  • Prescription medicines
  • OTC medicines
  • Food-, dietary- and sports supplements